Powerful Social Media Tips | What’s your best social media marketing tip for 2018?

Powerful Social Media Tips

Powerful Social Media Tips

Social Media is an emerging channel which has totally changed the ways of performing marketing due to its wide audience. There are myriad features rolled out every day and implemented which have revolutionized the social media marketing.

Here are some of the effective social media tips which you should follow in 2017 to stay ahead in the competition.

1. Utilize the Videos

There are live videos feature for marketers on the social media channel such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It is the best way to connect with your target audience and demonstrate them about your products or services. Videos get more engagements and helpful in generating the revenue opportunities for the businesses.

2. Instagram is Key Channel

The popularity of Instagram is growing day by day. According to Adweek Instagram crossed 700 million monthly users. The reason for its growth is easy to use and mobile friendliness. It is mainly popular channel amidst a young audience. Due to its wide reach with popular hashtags, it can reach to a large audience. Businesses prefer this channel for Branding and use the Instagram stories to get more traffic and popularity amidst their target audience. Follow the right Instagram marketing tips to grow your brand.

3. Use Chatbots or Autoresponders

Everyone likes instant replies to their queries. With chatbots and autoresponders, it is possible to connect with the customers instantly and get the conversions in some cases as well. It helps in avoiding the time lag between the first point of contact and the conversion.

4. Contact Social Influencers

Social Influencers are the key players to grow any brand or business. In fact, Influencer marketing has yielded the positive results in 2017. Influencers have their own social followers and network to promote your brand and help to build the strong online presence. Always mention their blog on your site. At the same time, ask them to create user-generated content on social media for your brand to drive more conversions.

5. Run Facebook Messenger Ads

This is a new form of paid advertising on Facebook so run the messenger ads and connect with the audience well. You can even get the conversions instantly and also be able to make the long-lasting relationships with the customers.

I hope these social media tips will yield the best result for your marketing campaigns in 2018.

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